Bella Osborne deal with Harper Impulse

sunsetcottageOur congratulations to debut author Bella Osborne who has a two book deal with Harper Collins imprint Harper Impulse. Bella’s debut novel It Started at Sunset Cottage will be published in February 2015.

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Spring/summer deals round up

The Kate Nash Literary Agency is delighted to announce the following deals:

  • Dan Metcalf: a 4 book contract with Bloomsbury. Middle grade series LOTTIE LIPTON debuts in summer 2015.
  • Terri Nixon: a 2 book contract with Carina. A ROSE IN FLANDERS FIELDS has been published this summer and will be followed by a further book in the series.
  • Marie Maxwell: a contract with Severn House. 1960s set saga following the story of eponymous MAGGIE will be published in January 2015.
  • Anita Davison: a contract with Buried River Press. MURDER ON THE MINNEAPOLIS, the first Flora Macguire cozy mystery debuts in 2015.
  • Jane Isaac: a contract with Legend Press. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, the first DI Will Jackman crime thriller will be published in June 2015.
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Announcement: Promotion of Sarah Taylor to literary agent

The Kate Nash Literary Agency is delighted to announce the promotion of Sarah Taylor to the position of literary agent. Sarah Taylor has a BA (Hons) in History with Italian from the University of Reading. She joined the Kate Nash Literary Agency as literary assistant in 2012. Sarah has a particular interest in children’s and young adult fiction as well as women’s fiction, crime and historical fiction. Submissions marked for her attention should be sent to the Agency submission email address as usual.

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New book deal for Jane Lovering

The Kate Nash Literary Agency is delighted to announce a new book deal for award winning author Jane Lovering. Starman, a romantic comedy, will be published by Choc Lit in December 2014. “The hero is an astrophistc…an astrophycist…a scientist,” writes Jane Lovering. “It also features a horse called Stan.”

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Simon & Schuster to publish Janet Woods backlist in ebook

A_Dorset_Girl_-_Janet_Woods793fThe Kate Nash Literary Agency is delighted to announce that Simon & Schuster are to publish six backlist novels by Janet Woods in ebook early next year. The historical novels are The Convict’s Woman, A Dorset Girl, Beyond the Plough, Where Seagulls Soar, A Handful of Ashes and The Stonecutter’s Daughter.

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Guest post: Do you need an agent?

Samantha Tonge writes: 

In this digital age, writers frequently ask “do we need agents?” More and more imprints are emerging, like digital-first CarinaUK Harlequin, who have just published my debut novel, Doubting Abbey and don’t ask for agented submissions. So what, if any, are the advantages for me, being a client of Kate Nash? Surely I could have done the deal myself and kept 100% of my royalty payments?

Samantha TongeThe thing is, I’ve been with Kate for two years now. During the years previous to that I didn’t manage to sign a contract with a publisher and the whole process of trying to get a deal was, at times, soul-destroying. With Kate I finally had someone respected in the industry who was on my side. Her validation that I could write was crucial, at a time when I wondered if I would ever be a published novelist.

Not only do I lack her technical and legal publishing know-how, what’s been important is how Kate has guided my writing and submissions in an objective way – without my impulsive nature and impatient tendencies being allowed to take effect. I’m sure Kate would agree, I am probably one of her most impatient clients – Nudge should have been my middle name!

That, I would say, is the most frustrating thing about having an agent. For years I was master of my Doubting Abbey by Samantha Tongeown destiny, when it came to submitting. Handing over that control has been surprisingly difficult. The only other negative factor was not getting a deal straight away, after signing with Kate. For so many years I’d built up this naive idea in my head that getting agent = immediate publishing deal and overnight success. Of course, that is an unrealistic expectation, ask any of your published friends – so just be aware, getting an agent is just another step along the road to publication. It may well mean a deal arrives swiftly – it may not.

For me, it is the emotional support of an agent that tops the list of advantages. Certainly it’s been great to have someone advise on offers, cast a shrewd eye over contracts and give feedback on my synopses for new projects. But more than that, an agent is there to listen and put your writerly paranoias into perspective. I’ve probably appreciated her even more since working with my publisher. Little concerns I’d be loathe to run past an editor are dispelled by Kate with a return email. And that’s very important – choosing an agent you aren’t going to have to tippy-toe around. For me, they must be approachable and have a good sense of humour.

So, do we writers really need an agent nowadays? I’m sure Kate would have a list of reasons, more specific than mine, as to why the answer is yes. And yet, the digital age is clearly a challenge for their role, with some already diversifying by, for example, publishing their authors’ backlists.

My personal opinion? If you are confident in your writing, with a depth of experience and knowledge of the publishing industry to-boot, than perhaps an agent isn’t for you… But if, like me, you’d benefit from a professional shoulder to lean on now and again, go for it – and the very best of luck.

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Congratulations Jane Lovering and Terri Nixon

Two books by Agency authors have been nominated in the Festival of Romance Reader Awards 2013. Hubble Bubble by Jane Lovering has been shortlisted for Best Romantic Read 2013, and Maid of Oaklands Manor by Terri Nixon has been shortlisted for Best Historical Read 2013. We wish them all the best for the Awards which are announced on 9th November.

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