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It has been a much busier year for the Kate Nash Literary Agency than the lack of posts on this blog would suggest. Firstly, what a life changing year for agency author Jane Lovering who thrillingly won Romantic Novel of the Year 2012 with Please Don’t Stop the Music, after also scooping the award for Romantic Comedy of the Year and also being on the shortlist for the Melissa Nathan Award. Many parties, much champagne (Jane), and fizzy elderflower stuff (Kate, expecting). Seeing a story metamorphosize not just from a Word document to a published book but on to become a major prize winner, Romantic Novel of the Year, is nothing less than awesome. For its agent too.

Which comes back to what a literary agency is, and should be, all about is books. Yes it is about authors but authors are the sum of their parts, that is their collected works, their books. And the books are what readers love, and what the industry is all about. I’d always described Please Don’t Stop the Music as an “unconventional” romantic comedy from the start. Jane Lovering’s unique voice, now so publically recognised, will go from strength to strength and that – in fact – is even more exciting than winning fabulous awards. Her latest novel Vampire State of Mind, published in August this year, has already attracted a lot of positive attention for its against-the-genre-grain vampiric set up, and her next novel Hubble Bubble, again genre atypical, is scheduled for release by Choc Lit in June 2013.

Janet Woods, one of the agency’s most established authors, unfortunately lost her long term editor who moved on but has settled with a new editor and a brand new two book contract demonstrating the confidence her publisher has in her wonderful writing and loyal readership. The third part of her family trilogy spanning from the First World War to the Second, I’ll Get By, will be published in February 2013.

It’s wonderful for an agent to be able to work with debut authors too and we are much looking forward to the first historical novel from Anita Seymour. Royalist Rebel charts the story of Elizabeth Murray, a real historical figure caught up in the drama of the Civil War and will be published in January. Anita is now working on her second novel based on a real woman and drama from history and we’re so excited for her.

The agency has taken on several new unpublished clients in the past twelve months. Usually a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes before an agent gets to the stage of offering work to publishers. We currently have two new writers working on revisions and one writer actively in the nailbiting submissions stage with her novel. We also continue to actively try and exploit backlist opportunities for our authors. This involves the sale of rights not previously exploited or resale of previously published work.

While we remain committed to remaining a small agency able to give our clients the attention they deserve we are expanding. Having not found a suitable candidate for an internship we have taken on Sarah Taylor as a part time agency assistant. Sarah will be involved across the agency and will also be appearing in this blog to help keep it more up to date.

We remain open to submissions and try to respond as quickly as possible to submitted material. Please follow the submission guidelines and only approach us if you are a UK writer or one who wishes to work with UK publishers. If you are a writer based in the US please make it clear to us in your email why you wish to be represented by a UK agent and by the Kate Nash Literary Agency as well as adhering to our guidelines to include sample material.

Kate Nash

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  1. I’d just like to add that, yes, Please Don’t Stop the Music won awards, but without the support of the Kate Nash Agency it would still be languishing somewhere on my hard drive! It takes a whole host of people to make a book a success, editors, publishers, proof-readers… and the agent is the person who has to have the initial confidence in the work to take it on and put it forward – a big commitment when the author is unknown and untried. So, thank you to everyone at the Agency for their faith in my work, and their support, and here’s to us all enjoying much more champagne in the future!

  2. What a lovely end to your year, Kate and I too would like to extend my thanks to the Kate Nash Literary Agency for all their hard work on my novel. I look forward to holding my book for the first time, conscious of the fact that no author can publish a book without the support of others, and mine wouldn’t have seen the light of day without your faith and perseverance.

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